Three Things to Consider When Trying to Create a Consistent Brand

Three Things to Consider When Trying to Create a Consistent Brand

You’ve probably heard the term “consistency is key” before. Consistency is key, and when it comes to branding, it is crucial to maintain a high level of consistency across all social media platforms to foster trust and confidence in your customers.  

What is Brand Consistency? 

Brand Consistency is the practice of always delivering messages aligned with the core brand values in the same tone, presenting the brand logo similarly, and making sure you are repeating the same colors throughout your visual brand elements. This consistency can, over time, cement the visuals of your brand in consumer’s minds, therefore making them more likely to remember and be reminded of your brand. Customer Think identifies three crucial areas to focus on: 

  1. A consistent customer experience 
  2. Consistent values 
  3. Consistent brand identity elements 

A Consistent Customer Experience 

Creating and maintaining a consistent customer experience can look a lot of different ways. The most crucial beginning step for any business, big or small, is developing a clear mission statement that your company can base all operations on. The next thing to nail down is your voice. What tone do you want your customers to think of when they think of your business? Is your tone warm and friendly? What about corporate and reliable? Or maybe even sassy or comedic? Whatever your tone is, find it and stick with it. This will create familiarity between your customers and your business and build that consistency that you need. 

Consistent Values 

Your company’s values drive every aspect of your business. That is why having strong values implemented and understood by all members of your team leads to consistency across the board. These values may not seem obvious to you at first, but they will certainly become clear once you begin to work with clients or customers, and the members of your team. It is also important to have these values written out and developed so that all members of your team can access them; this leaves zero room for any confusion. 

Consistent Brand Identity Elements 

Brand identity is the characteristics that will define the look and feel of your brand in the eyes of your customers or clients. There are four main elements that need to be considered when creating your visual identity: logo, colors, typography, and photographyThese elements are crucial in ensuring your customers associate the correct offerings and values that you intend, and overall will cement the final aspect of brand consistency in your business. 

While creating a consistent brand may seem daunting at first, it will not only save you time, and a headache, in the future, but will also help you to further your brand awareness among your target audience or consumer. 

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