This is Not the Time to Let Your Social Media Go Stale

This is Not the Time to Let Your Social Media Go Stale

Seven out of ten Americans use social media to reach out to friends and family, catch up with the news, share information and photos, and ultimately occupy their time. It has never proven more of a communication tool than during this pandemic. Coronavirus has caused consumers to spend even more time on each of the different social media platforms. If social media hasn’t been a focal point in your marketing strategy, now’s the time to get on it! Social media is a low-cost way to get big results in nurturing relationships with customers, build brand awareness, and engage with potential new customers. Here are just a few ways to ramp up your social media presence to get users to notice you.

Expand Your Social Media Horizons

Most companies are on Facebook and Instagram but consider other social media platforms to reach a different audience or portray a different side of your brand. TikTok has now become the sixth largest social network. With a large audience base of users between 16 and 24 years of age, more brands are finding creative ways to use the platform by sharing tutorials and informational videos that are not only relatable and fun to watch, but also serve as an effective brand promotion.

Publish User-Generated Content

With trust being at the forefront for consumers these days, user-generated content can prove to be very valuable. It basically serves as social proof and testimonial for your brand or product. User-generated content can come in the form of a photo of a user with your product, or a post sharing how much they love it. When this happens, make sure to share the content on your main page for your greater audience to see. You can even promote a hashtag specifically for users who want to share their opinions and photos with you. This kind of content has more influence with consumers than regular promotional posts.

Use Crafty Copy

You want to be quick and witty on social media, but not too quick that you lose an audience. Always write more than just a headline and include a description when sharing links–even if it’s a quote from the article. Don’t be too salesy. These days consumers don’t respond well to companies that seem to be consistently pushing a product. It’s all about building trust and relationships with consumers.

Go Live!

By now you’re well aware of how effective video content can be. Live videos especially are having quite the moment. In fact, according to Facebook, live videos get 6x the interaction and engagement than regular videos. They are better at initiating conversation with followers and keeping them engaged. Executing live videos can be very spontaneous and don’t have to be so sophisticated. Throughout the pandemic consumers have gotten pretty used to seeing homemade videos, when production teams couldn’t get together. Some of the best live videos have been done in the car!

Maintaining and managing content for all the different social media platforms can be a lot of work, but once you get the hang of it, and are consistent, you’ll soon see the rewards from your labor. If you do need help, reach out to us and we’d be happy to serve as the social media manager for your company. Longtime experience and success have helped us master the ins and outs of the social media world!

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