Success of Zoom

Success of Zoom

In a time of social distancing and quarantining away from the world, it may seem hard to stay connected with friends and family during this tough time. Yet, staying connected is more important now than it has ever been. This is why Zoom, the leading platform in video communication, has taken flight during this pandemic. Offering a place for learning, communication, and entertainment, Zoom is being utilized by everyone, everywhere. While we aren’t necessarily able to go out and experience concerts, weddings, or really any big events right now, people are throwing Zoom concerts, weddings and dinner parties to share experiences and continue being social in a time where physically seeing people isn’t possible. John Kransinski even utilized Zoom for his “Some Good News” show and thought it was time for the Office reunion we all wanted to see. Below are three ways you can use Zoom during this time of uncertainty to stay connected with friends and family:

Virtual Hangouts

Instead of going out for your weekly coffee catch up sessions with your girls, brew a nice cup of coffee up at home and log in to Zoom to virtually hang out with your friends. Zoom has made it easy to set up your laptop, sit back and chat with your friends all while being in the comfort and safety of your own home. Even though we are isolated right now, virtual hangouts help keep a sense of community and helps people forget, even if it’s just for a little bit, that we are living through a pandemic.

Zoom Dinner Party

Another fun way to stay connected and have fun during this time is to host a Zoom dinner party. Gather some friends up and invite them to a Zoom dinner party! You can make the dinner themed or let people wear whatever they please. You can all make a coordinated dinner, set up the laptop or phone on the table, and have a virtual dinner party. This is a fun way to feel like you are eating out with friends, all while following safe social distancing recommendations.

Zoom Entertainment

A lot of celebrities and other influential people have found that Zoom is a place to connect and entertain the world. No one saw this opportunity more than John Kransinski and his segment “Some Good News.” Over three million people are watching his Office reunion and are finding joy in his episodes. Other award shows and events have also been put on through Zoom, so people are still able to enjoy new content.

Zoom has been able to bring people together in a time where people can’t be together. Create your own free account at



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