Starting 2020 with Compassion, Wellness, and Amanda

Starting 2020 with Compassion, Wellness, and Amanda

“New year, new me!” seems to be a common phrase heard each and every January. Many of us find new year’s resolutions difficult to maintain, however, most don’t even last until February. Statistically, many of us will have given up on our resolutions by just the second week of January.

We may have a tool to help, if one of your goals is to work on your personal mental health or company culture! In 2019, Mantooth Marketing & Events made friends with an incredible woman who also happened to be a new client! We’d love to introduce you to Amanda Mahoney.

Amanda is a marriage and family counselor in northern Colorado, although she does much more than that. Amanda works in the areas of self-care, wellness, grief and loss, and marriage and family therapy. She also has a special certification in Compassion Cultivation Training© (CCT).

CCT was a program developed by scholars, psychologists, and researchers at Stanford University. It is an 8-week program that helps individuals to learn compassion, empathy, and kindness. Amanda was actually the first to bring this program to Colorado. As a trainer of CCT, Amanda teaches participants to develop strength and courage. Learning to have compassion and mindfulness takes practice before it will be become a habit and integrated into your daily life. By the end of the 8 weeks, you will be fully equipped to do just that.

Another aspect Amanda focuses on is professional wellness. She will often go to places of business and provide coaching to help cultivate a company culture where all feel welcome and enjoy coming to work. This can happen in the form of individual and group coaching or corporate residency. Looking to inspire your staff? Amanda is a stellar public speaker and will attend your event as a keynote speaker or host workshops.

If you’re determined to maintain a good energy in 2020 and into this next decade, maybe your first step should be to give Amanda Mahoney a call! Whether you work with her through personal counseling, decide to take the CCT courses, or elect to bring her into the office to improve company culture, you’ll be met with a cheerful and understanding smile. Learn more about Amanda and her various services at

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