Reboot Your Work-From-Home Routine

Reboot Your Work-From-Home Routine

Many of us have been working from home since March when “safer at home” restrictions were first put into place. No one imagined we would still be working from home several months later. With no timeline on the pandemic, and companies allowing employees to work from home well into 2021, there’s no real indication to when we all will fully reconvene in actual office space. Work-from-home is having its toll though, with many experiencing tech fatigue and even missing personal interaction. If you’re starting to feel like the walls are caving in on you or boundaries between home life and work life have completely disappeared, here are some tips to reboot your routine and reboot your mind and well-being.

Look for a Change of Scenery: If your surroundings are no longer inspiring, search for a new space. A coffee shop, library or public common area with Wi-Fi might just do the trick to get the creative juices flowing again. Another plus is that you’ll most likely find other remote workers and freelancers working at one of those places too with whom you might strike a conversation.

Invest in Comfort: That broken-in chair may have served its purpose for a few months, but if your back is hurting and you know you’ll be working remotely for a while longer, then it’s time to invest in a new chair. Consider a sit/stand desk to give your body a break from sitting all day. You’ll be able to comfortably stretch your legs without leaving your desk. While you’re at it, assess other items around your home office. Consider the lighting in your workspace and think about desk accessories that would improve your comfort and efficiency during the day. Plus, add plants or inspirational quotes to the walls to perk up your physical and mental well-being.

Look into Co-Working Spaces or Public Conference Rooms: If you feel like you really can’t do another Zoom staff call, or you just miss the personal interaction with co-workers, look into setting up a socially distanced meeting at one of these places. They often provide larger rooms, giving your team ample room to spread out, and are equipped with A/V equipment to accommodate tech needs.

Find Other Ways to Communicate: If emails are getting too cumbersome, try options like BombBomb to send video messages instead. You might find that they’re better received and result in greater engagement with staff and clients. Reaching for the phone instead of the computer’s mouse might also feel different and refreshing. During video calls, we’re not always focusing on what the person is saying, but on how we look and what others are doing in their own small boxes. A phone call allows us to concentrate only on someone’s voice and what they’re actually saying.

Take on Something New: If you’re getting through work responsibilities quicker because you don’t have office distractions, ask your manager to assign you a new project or responsibility. This will help diversify your daily tasks and workflow, while also making a good impression on your manager!

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