What Ozzy the Bear Teaches us About Buyer Choices

What Ozzy the Bear Teaches us About Buyer Choices


Last week we stumbled upon a photo that spurred a thought…

The photo was of Ozzy, a grizzly bear and local resident at ZooMontana in Billings, Montana. Although not your typical sports analyst, Ozzy has become somewhat famous for his predictions on the outcome of a particularly famous football game, held each year in February. Ozzy is presented with two peanut butter-banana cakes (yum!), each adorning one of the opponent logos piped in Nutella. Ozzy makes his choice by which cake he bites into first.

This reminded us of the buying behaviors of customers…

Many customers make their spending decisions just like Ozzy makes his decision on which cake to eat. Sure, you have those customers who spend days or weeks in research, reading all they can find, asking others for insight, taking their time before they make that final purchase decision and questioning themselves, “Is this the right decision?”

More times than not, though, you have customers who find themselves in the position of need, so they react – and react quickly. Their senses are heightened by the need (much like Ozzy when staring at those two peanut butter-banana cakes). They make their decision on recognizing what they need and how fast they can find a company that can fulfill that need.

Both types of buyers can be successful, but for how long? The first may never be happy because of all the research they’ve done. They just never find the business that provides all the details and specifications they now know are out there. The other purchaser might regret their quick decision or always be looking for the next “bite,” finding it better than the first.

Which buyer should you focus on…

As a company providing the buying options, you want to reach both types of buyers. You must be easy to find when someone does a quick search, so you’re automatically on the table. You must also have information on your website that positions you as an expert in your field. It is important to add valuable insight to the customer doing more in-depth research – proving you understand, and have, all the right ingredients. After the customer makes their choice to go with you, they can sit back and enjoy what is about to be served.

P.S. Just in case you’re interested, Ozzy chose the cake decorated with the picture of a particular colonial.

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