Next Move: The Covid Pivot

Next Move: The Covid Pivot

When the world gives you Covid, the only thing you can do is the Covid Pivot. No, it’s not a new dance but it sure could feel like it at times; move this way, move that, dip here and dip there and waltz along your way. Businesses of all sizes–especially small ones–were given the options to either rethink how they operate or face the thought of shutting their doors. The entertainment segment of our community was hit hard by Covid. Performance venues, entertainers, restaurants, travel–the list goes on of the business that needed to react quickly to save what they could of their business, their employees and their customers. Many sold gift cards to be used open reopening. Entertainers held zoom concerts. Road trips, RV’s and camping in our own state replaced airline, rental cars and beach vacations.

Mantooth was one of those small businesses that quickly determined that Covid was presenting opportunities for change and it was up to us to decide which path we were going to take. First and foremost, Mantooth has always been a marketing company that does a “few events on the side.” We watched ourselves balance our marketing clients while simultaneously leading a community event, concert series or golf tournament. For 25 years, Mantooth has been proud to be a leading event company in northern Colorado. When adding up the number of events we’ve executed the last 25 years, the total was well over 500. Mantooth has been honored to work with so many amazing nonprofits and government organizations to create and execute many of the community’s favorite events and help fundraise well over $2.5 million dollars. During that time, we have also been fortunate to be able to provide more than 125 internships to college students thinking about a career in events.

Now, Mantooth is doing a Covid Pivot. We’ve decided after over 25 years in business that there are many great event companies in northern Colorado who are eager to help those wanting to create and execute a signature event. We’d like to spend our time with our marketing clients–our first love–who are going to get almost all of our attention moving forward. When we say “almost”, we simply mean that Mantooth will only execute events when one of our marketing clients is in need. Mantooth is the proud owner and producer of the Lagoon Concert Series which we will continue to present to our wonderful community as a gift to those who enjoy outdoor, local music.** We’re simply pivoting to a simpler, less chaotic business model. We’re sticking with what has always been our greatest strength: marketing. Marketing is why we’ve always felt our events were so successful because marketing was at the heart of each and every step of the planning process.

Does this mean you shouldn’t call us if you have a question about events? No, not at all. We will always stay committed to our community and will be here to help with a consult when needed.


**The Lagoon Concert Series is called “the baby” in our office. We will always do what is needed to help our baby be the strongest it can be. In 2020, we couldn’t execute the series due to Covid. This year, our plans were still interrupted with Covid rules and regulations that lead us to partner with CSU Athletics and the Canvas Stadium Movie Nights to continue providing a free entertainment option for our community. Look for a return of the full Lagoon Concerts in 2022.

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