LinkedIn for Business 101

LinkedIn for Business 101

For anyone who has heard of or used LinkedIn, this social platform has a reputation for being the professional networking tool for job seekers and those looking to expand their personal business.  But did you know that this online portal is also ideal to help brand and market businesses? Follow along for helpful tips and tricks on how to make LinkedIn work for your business marketing strategy.

  1. Create a compelling company profile page.
    When creating your company page on LinkedIn, you want to provide the easy details first. Your company logo, a cover photo that is relevant to what you do and/or the services you provide, a brief description of your organization, your business website URL, location, followed by your industry and company size. With a complete profile page, you’re likely to receive 30% more views than companies with incomplete profiles – so make sure you don’t miss a detail!
  2. Build your business following.
    The easiest way to gain followers to your business page is by ensuring your current employees have tagged the business in their personal profiles. Your staff is your greatest asset for sharing business news on their personal pages encouraging their network to follow along as well.
    You can also add a “FOLLOW US” link to your business’s website with a button plugin offered by LinkedIn.
  3. Post updates frequently to your newsfeed.
    Like a Facebook Business Page, you can post updates on your newsfeed as often or as rarely as you’d like. Posting company news, industry trends, internal structural changes like promotions or new hires or relationships with other businesses weekly will help to present your business as a leader in your industry and increase your company page views.
    The key here is to post relevant and engaging content for your users to “like, share, or comment” on. These engagements boost views and ultimately traffic to your business page. LinkedIn users are always looking for ways to improve themselves or be better at their current position – keep this in mind when looking for new content to create and/or share.
  4. Target your audience using paid options.

A great benefit of LinkedIn is that it offers multiple ways for businesses to target specific audiences using paid ads. Similar to other paid social media ads, you can run a campaign with a specific objective: brand awareness, increase website visits, video views, lead generation, job applicants, etc. You then build your target audience using preset filters. However, you can also add specific job titles to present your ad too. These ads can be shown as “sponsored content” in a user’s newsfeed OR as “sponsored InMail” in the user’s LinkedIn inbox.

Mantooth Marketing has a team of professionals located in Fort Collins that can help you and your business expand your reach using LinkedIn as a great marketing tool. If these steps seem too cumbersome or time intensive for your business, we are here to help. Contact one of our account managers today and inquire about optimizing your LinkedIn presence with Mantooth.

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