Friday Hacks | Rainy Day Edition

Friday Hacks | Rainy Day Edition


It’s the end of a long week, the crummy weather is bringing you down, but GOOD NEWS: Friday Hacks is here to pick you up! We’ll get back to our fancy shmancy tech hacks next week, but right now, we know you’re looking for a way to get through a sunless weekend. Here are a few out-of-the-ordinary creative projects to keep you busy until the clouds clear:

  1. Invent your own board game.

We love Scattergories and Monopoly as much as the next person, but how cool would it be to create a whole NEW game to play? Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Choose a board game you’ve played a thousand times.
  2. Choose a TV show, movie, book or something else with which one can be obsessed.
  3. Decide on a few key components of the game (depending on how involved you want to get), such as cards, spaces and pieces.
  4. Alter the original to relate to the preferred obsession. Don’t feel the need to get crazy crafty if that’s not your style – handwritten, Harry Potter-themed Community Chest cards on scrap paper work just fine.
  5. End up with something along the lines of “The Game of Life: Friends Edition.”

game of life friends -


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  1. Spring clean like you mean it.

Any Joe-Shmo can pick up a feather duster. Knock spring cleaning right on its hiney by transforming these seemingly ordinary household items into organization dreams come true:

  • Baby food or mason jars: Hold nuts and bolts
  • Painted/decorated crates: Mount to the wall in your mudroom to store shoes
  • Tissue box: Store that chaotic mess of plastic bags
  • Empty toilet paper roll: Slide hair ties around the outside

We could go on, but you get the idea.


  1. Make up a scavenger hunt.

If you’re home all weekend with your kiddos, roommates, pet chimpanzee, etc., avoid getting on each other’s nerves by coming up with a scavenger hunt. Hide a few simple gifts or one big surprise for one another throughout the house, and then write up some creative clues so they can find it.

Here’s our best shot at a clue example (if you were to hide something in the refrigerator):

“It’s cold outside, but even colder in here

Your next clue is where you would also find beer.”

But please make yours more age-appropriate if you are playing with children.

Pumped up for the weekend yet? Feeling better about the gloomy weather? Good. That’s what Friday Hacks are for.

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