Friday Hacks | Halloween Edition

Friday Hacks | Halloween Edition


In case you haven’t noticed, October is three-fourths of the way over, which means… Halloween is just around the corner! This is no holiday to slack off on, gang. Nailing the perfect costume and hosting a Halloween party requires careful planning and no (or at least minimal) procrastination. Fortunately, we’re bringing you a special edition of Friday Hacks to get the jack-o-lantern rolling.

  1. Killin’ the Costume

Mastering the whole costume gig is 10 parts thrift store shopping, 13 parts coordinating and 77 parts intense creative brainstorming. Drawing blank on costume ideas? Here are a few avenues to stroll down:

  • Dress like a character from a favorite TV show. Example: Be Joey from Friends when he steals all of Chandler’s clothes and says “Could I BE wearing any more clothes?” All you need is lots and lots of layers.

    friday hacks joey -
    Photo courtesy
  • Pun it up. Example: Tape a bunch of Smarties to your pants to be a “Smarty Pants.” Careful – if you concentrate the Smarties in your seat area, people could think you’re going for a different kind of “Smart.”

    friday hacks smarty pants -
    Photo courtesy
  • Don’t go it alone. Example: You’ll be more recognizable as the entire Breakfast Club clan than if you just dress as Molly Ringwald.

    friday hacks breakfast club -
    Photo courtesy
  1. DIY Decorations

There is really no need to spend an arm and a leg (zombie or human) on Halloween party decorations. Here are a few cheap, easy and wicked cool decorating hacks:

  • Glue googly eyes on ping pong balls to create an eyeball wreath.

    friday hacks eyeballs -
    Photo courtesy
  • Melt red candle wax onto white candles so they look like they’re dripping with blood. (photo courtesy

    friday hacks candles -
    Photo courtesy
  • Decorate the outside of mason jars with paint and tissue paper to resemble ghouls and jack-o-lanterns, and then place candles inside.

    friday hacks mason jars -
    Photo courtesy
  1. Trick-or-Treats

Even if your costume falls apart and your decorations are duds, your guests will still be delighted if you feed them. Some ideas to get your stomach growling:

  • Wrap Pillsbury crescent rolls around hotdogs to create mummy-dogs.

    friday hacks mummy hotdogs -
    Photo courtesy
  • Place almond slices on baby carrots and stick them in a dip to look like hands.

    friday hacks carrots -
    Photo courtesy
  • Place small candies on a thickly frosted cupcake for some ghostly fun.

    friday hacks cupcakes -
    Photo courtesy

We hope these ideas helped to break up your Friday, and best of luck in all ghoulish shenanigans!

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