Friday Hacks | Friday the 13th

Friday Hacks | Friday the 13th


Duh-duh-duh-DUNNNN!!! It’s Friday the 13th and a special one since it only happens in May in 2016. Now we’re not superstitious folks at Mantooth, but we thought we’d get in the spirit. Just for fun, here are a few things that have been traditionally believed to conquer bad luck:


  1. Hang a Horseshoe horseshoe

You’ve probably heard that horseshoes are a good luck symbol, so therefore, it only makes sense to hang one on your door. But of course, keep the ends pointing up to avoid the “luck” pouring out.


  1. Toss Salt

salt - mantoothcompany.comThrowing a fistful of salt over your shoulder is also considered to be a good luck gesture. However, it could be bad luck for the guy behind you who gets salt thrown in his eye, so exercise with caution.




  1. Pick a Penny pennies

But not just any penny – a HEADS UP penny to be exact. If you see a penny that is heads down, avoid picking it up because apparently that won’t do the trick. We also ask that you restrain yourself from running after just any penny – if it’s in the middle of a street, that penny is bad juju no matter if Lincoln is face up or down.


  1. Find a Four Leaf Clover

four leaf clover - mantoothcompany.comTo be honest, this one is tough to verify because WHO IN THE WORLD HAS EVER FOUND A FOUR LEAF CLOVER??? Let’s call it even and say three leaf clovers can bring you a semi-good day.




  1. Do Good Deedsgood deeds -

Now here’s some advice on which we can actually hang our hats! Go out and do something nice for another person. Buy a stranger coffee, send a friend a surprise greeting card or help an elderly woman with her groceries. It’ll make their day, you’ll feel happy – what do you have to lose?


And again, these are just for fun, so please don’t plan your day around how much salt you have left in the pantry. Have a great weekend and we’ll catch up with you next week!

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