Friday Hacks | Episode Three

Friday Hacks | Episode Three



TGIF! Whether this week flew by or felt never-ending, you are one step closer to a brand new weekend. While you’re here, take a glimpse at the following hacks that might just save you some valuable time and energy down the road.

ColorPick Eyedropper:

This Google Chrome extension is perfect for graphic designers, web developers, or anyone who has stumbled trying to match that ideal shade, as it allows you to seamlessly select color values from web pages.


color pick eye dropper |


Once added to Chrome, click the icon to the right of the URL bar. Once selected, drag the cursor over the desired color on the screen. A popup box previewing the magnified portion of the screen near the cursor will ensure you are selecting the exact color you want. Once clicked, you can look at the precise color value number. Takes a lot of the guess work out, right?

The extension is rated 4 stars and is free to download.

Coffee, Nap, then Attack:

Now we all know the benefits of taking a quick snooze when feeling sleep deprived or when you just need a little relaxation. Napping can reduce fatigue and improve your mood right before you have to tackle that next big project. The problem? Sometimes you wake up and you’re worse off than before.

Our solution: quickly drink some coffee and then nap for 20 minutes. Caffeine takes some time to begin working, with peak effects occurring roughly 30 minutes after ingestion. This method will give your brain some rest while simultaneously allowing enough time to process the caffeine you crave. Once you wake up, you’ll be perky and ready to be productive.

Short and Sweet with the Google URL Shortener:

In today’s digital environment, you may find yourself sharing and sending links across various mediums on a daily basis. Sometimes these links are long. Like unruly long. Typing them out or copying and pasting them can be tedious and look sloppy.

google url shortener |

The Google URL Shortener does exactly what it suggests: shortens the URL of the page you are on in one click. Simply download the free Chrome extension and click the icon to the left of the URL bar. Sound familiar? Once clicked, you will have a neat, compact URL to share and even a QR Code. Also, if you’re not using Google Chrome as your web browser, that’s an entire tip in itself!

Keep these recommendations in the back of your head for the rest of today and into next week. You might be surprised how these tips and tricks contribute to your productivity. Enjoy your Friday and stay tuned for the next round of Friday Hacks!



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