Friday Hacks | Episode 9

Friday Hacks | Episode 9


Now well into the month of June, you have done a fantastic job surviving the stir crazy that is working during the summer. More importantly, you’ve almost survived another sweltering work week! Here are some new hacks to learn and practice before you head home and enjoy the weekend.

1) Google Alerts

Google is a pioneer in simplicity on the web, so it’s no surprise they make keeping tabs on all the people or things you love or wish to learn more about incredibly easy. With a Google account, you can enter search terms you want Google to keep track of. Whenever new content is created with those search terms, you’ll be notified. Google Alerts is basically a customizable search that delivers results to you.

You can even dictate how often you receive the alerts, in what regions they originate from, and more! We recommend you set a Google Alert of your name and your company to better monitor your professional development. Just don’t include the Kardashians in your search terms. You may never escape them.

google alerts

2) LinkedIn’s ‘Private Mode’

Although LinkedIn may not be our favorite social media site, it sure is helpful as a business professional. You have millions of members with unique and inspiring business backgrounds to view and potentially network with. The problem? LinkedIn does that thing where it notifies people about who is viewing their profile. And frankly, none of us want to look like a creeper. Luckily, there is a private mode for just this ordeal.

Just go to the top right of your LinkedIn homepage and click ‘Privacy & Settings’. Under the ‘Profile privacy’ section, you can change your ‘Profile viewing options’ to ‘Private Mode’. Voila! You have officially gone dark; however, there is a catch. Unless you are a premium user, by enabling ‘Private Mode’ you will no longer see who views your profile. Hey, you can’t win ‘em all.


3) Insight Timer

Throughout Friday Hacks, we tend to stress the importance of work-life balance, and ultimately, mental health. It is easier said than done but with the right tools and practice, you can seriously improve upon your attitude, stress levels, or even just starting your morning on a positive note.

This free app available on both iOS, Android, and online users provides more than 2,000 guided meditations ranging from sleep exercises, confidence meditations, lectures and more! You can even join groups and achieve milestones to make the experience more social. Simply dedicate 10 minutes of your lunch break to Insight Timer and see how your mood improves. We won’t say we told you so.


That’s it for this week’s Friday Hacks. Make sure you check out previous posts to catch any tips or trick you may have missed and remember to incorporate these into your regime. We’ll see you next week!

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