Friday Hacks | Episode 8

Friday Hacks | Episode 8

Is it just us or are these weeks flying by? Happy Friday and welcome to another episode of Friday Hacks, a blog series designed around saving time and energy during work. We have three new and exciting tips for you to enjoy, so take a look and don’t forget to test them out!

1. AutoRecover Intervals

This one might seem like a bit of a no-brainer, but it could seriously be a lifesaver! Now we’ve all been there; you’re working on a Microsoft Word or Excel document and then out of nowhere your computer crashes. Thankfully, these programs AutoRecover, ensuring not all your work is lost, but this setting is usually scheduled to save information every 10 minutes or so. A lot of information, calculating, content, etc. can be lost in that time period, putting you behind on your work. This is why we recommend changing the interval for AutoRecover to every two minutes.

It’s quite easy to do. Just click the File tab and then click options in the menu list on the left. In the Options dialog box, click Save in the menu list. You will find the Save AutoRecover information under the Save documents section where you can change the interval to your liking.


2.The Flight Deal

Now that summer is here, you’re likely going to want to start using some of those well-deserved vacation days. The problem? Airline prices are simply absurd. Thankfully, The Flight Deal will help conjoin that need for adventure and your passion for practicality.

The Flight Deal provides the best fares both in the U.S. and internationally. In fact, they only publish fares that meet their criteria of $0.06 per mile or less! For example, this means a nonstop roundtrip from NYC to Barcelona should be around $425. Incredible! We recommend signing up for their free newsletter on their homepage and you’ll receive a daily email of all the cheapest flights. Just have a suitcase nearby.

3. Dog Days of Summer

Isn’t it weird how even after a long, stressful day at work, coming home and spending time with your pup seems to make it all better? Turns out there might actually be some science behind the reduction of stress levels and man’s best friend.

Recent studies suggest that bringing your dog into the workplace can increase productivity, energize communication among teams and reduce stress throughout the day. So do yourself, your dog and your work a favor by bringing in that loveable pooch. Given our mascot, we have a feeling this was something Mantooth discovered long ago! Just take a look at Gracie, everyone’s favorite office assistant and one of Connie’s dogs!


That’s all we have for you on this episode of Friday Hacks! Have any helpful tricks to share? Leave them in the comments and we might include them next week. In the meantime, feel free to check out other Friday Hacks episodes or more on the Mantooth blog!

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