Friday Hacks | Episode 6

Friday Hacks | Episode 6


Okay, you know the drill. It’s Friday, you’re excited, and by now Friday Hacks is the most important thing you read on the internet. Right? Right. Anyway, here is this week’s tips to boost your productivity and ease some of that stress.

1. The Great Suspender
Without the need of a catchy tagline, this Chrome extension lives up to its name. The Great Suspender is a great way to reduce the amount of memory your computer is using on the seemingly endless amount of tabs cluttering your screen. We get it, you need a lot of tabs open for work. But keeping all of them active and running will begin to slow down with excessive javascripts being run.

Simply download the extension, configure the period of time you wish to suspend inactive tabs, and you’re set! The best part? Tabs can be reloaded with the click of a button and certain tabs can be whitelisted to avoid suspension.

2.  Rerouter
In this increasingly digital workplace, we often find ourselves compromising the neatness of our workstations for the luxury of doing our jobs from home. This can result in a space cluttered with wires and that godforsaken bulky, blinking router. Take a page from Nifty’s book and disguise that router in what appears to be your favorite novel! Check out the step-by-step video:

Pretty cool, huh? It’s a quick DIY project that you can easily do over this weekend and you’ll have your desk untangled and ready for Monday.

3. Dim it down
Now it’s no secret that placing your phone’s screen settings on auto-brightness will extend your smartphone battery. But did you know that the screen drains more battery than any other component of the phone?

Even the newest technologies still require a quick charge seemingly too soon. In an hour long test, an iPhone 6s consumed 54 percent less energy with its screen brightness turned down. So do yourself and your productivity a favor by turning on that auto-brightness.

Did you like what you read? Let us know in the comments and give us your own Friday Hacks. We might just put it in the next episode. Happy Friday!

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