Friday Hacks | Episode 11

Friday Hacks | Episode 11


It’s now early August and as the summer is winding down, so might be your productivity levels. Sounds like you’re about due for another Friday Hacks! So before classes start or work picks back up, let’s take a little time to check out new ways to stay on track and keep moving forward.

1) JibberJobber
Career management is a term we are all too familiar with. It can be time-consuming, frustrating, and sometimes just all over the place. It’s a vague necessity of the modern workplace and you’re either on top of it or you are not. For those of us who need more discipline regarding career management, JibberJobber is here to the rescue!

JibberJobber is a freemium tool to organize and manage your personal career management. The site is fairly comprehensive and you can use it as needed. Simply keep track of your contacts and target companies, or store documents, create elevator pitches and track when and where you send things to. See the video below for a brief rundown of JibberJobber from creator Jason Alba!

2) Move on up with Upwork
The great thing about working in creative industries is the ability to work for a variety of people and projects while showcasing your unique talents. Regardless of your current employment, if you are looking to expand your portfolio, branch into new markets, or simply generate some extra income, freelancing might be something to look into!

Upwork is an amazing online tool to start your own freelancing career. You register your expertise, whether that is writing, marketing, graphic designing, etc., and submit applications on projects. You can join a range of projects including big or small, short or ongoing, individual or team-based, and more! So if you find time to write a few blog posts for a client or build a fully-functional website for a multi-national corporation, start with Upwork.


3) Suit Yourself
The frustration of packing for business is the common thread that binds recent graduates to even the highest of executives. The garment suitcases. The wrinkles. Just forget about it; this hack is a game changer!

Our friends at Tripcase have taught us how to fold your suit in a way that is space-efficient and will ensure your suit is crisp and ready to go upon arrival. There are even gifs for all you visual learners! Just follow this link to the article!


Wow, we’ve covered a lot today! Use these hacks as needed and be sure to let us know how they worked out for you. Enjoy the rest of your Friday and be sure to check out other Friday Hacks.

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