Friday Hacks | April Fools Edition

Friday Hacks | April Fools Edition


We know you’re waiting on the edge of your seat for more digital and life hacks to get you through the workday, and don’t worry, there will be a fresh batch of those waiting for you next week. But today, we’re celebrating a VERY important holiday with three levels of pranks to make you the April Fools King or Queen of your clan:

Level 1: A Few Ha-Has and He-Hes

Maybe you want to start slow, stay away from the crazy stuff for now. Nothing wrong with that, friends, because this classic never fails. Hide a fake snake, bug or other unsavory creature in a friend’s bag or under their covers. It’s cheap (the dollar store is packed with goodies like that), easy and guaranteed to get a few shrieks and gasps.

Level 2: It’s Getting Real

Think the snake gig is a kiddie prank, do you? Well then let’s bump it up a notch. Our digital intern, Joe, recently shared with us one heck of a Facebook hoax he pulled on a friend. Here’s how you can recreate it:

  • Sneakily grab your friend’s phone (while it’s unlocked).
  • Post something funny or untrue on their Facebook page – Joe posted that his friend was engaged and that seemed to work quite well (extra points if you find a fake picture of a ring to use!)
  • Disable their notifications so they aren’t aware of your brilliance until their sister calls to congratulate them.

Level 3: Warning! May Cause Burned Bridges and Irreparable Relationship Damage

Now this one is only for our top pranksters, the best of the best, the fearless and the ruthless. We call it The Slammer Fake Bail Money Whammer. You ready?

Step 1: Borrow someone’s phone – everyone knows you don’t get to use your cellphone when you’re in jail.

Step 2: Call another friend, sibling, significant other, etc., saying you’re in jail and need $900 in bail money.

Step 3: Sell it like a champ. Get the fake crying voice on, beg them not to tell your dad, and tell them where you keep your spare cash. If they ask what you did, respond with, “Destruction of property but it was an accident!!!!” Simple but believable (think Pitch Perfect).

Step 4: Right before they’re ready to race down to the police station to rescue you (hoping of course that they will), smack them with a big ol’ “April Fools!” Or let them get all the way to the station and meet them in the parking lot, but we don’t recommend that.

Bonus Prank: Do Something Weird in a Drive-Thru April Fools Easter Bunny -

We actually have firsthand experience with this one thanks to the outstanding sense of humor of the Mantooth crew. When picking up a burger at your local drive-thru, do something odd to freak out the guy behind the window.

For example, have someone dressed in a full Easter Bunny costume in the passenger seat, ask if the attendant can give you carrots with that burger, and KEEP A STRAIGHT FACE. Trust us, you won’t regret it.


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