Facebook: Make it Work for You

Facebook: Make it Work for You

Today we’re talking about Facebook – with so many changes going on with the beloved social media platform lately, it’s hard to know what’s really needed to make your business stand out. About two-thirds of the US adult population are Facebook users, and there are over 60 million active business pages. So how can you present your business to be found easily and provide useful information to your customers?

  1. Keep information up-to-date: Facebook is a great source of information for your customers. They’ll want to know your hours, your phone number, your address, and about events going on. Keep your page up to date with all of this information to not only provide your customers with what they’re looking for, but to improve your rankings as well. Having accurate information that is updated frequently will help you to rank better in organic search results.
  2. Keep your audience in mind: Many businesses love to brag about their skills, what they have to offer, and promote why they are better than their competitors. But this isn’t as meaningful to a consumer – tell them what you can do for them. How is your product or service going to benefit their life?
  3. Stay active and engaging: Frequently post to your page, but make sure you give your followers something of value. Give them a variety of content including photos, videos, and information that they want to know. Always include a visual with your post. Posts that are just text only reach about 4.56% of your page audience.
  4. Utilize paid ads: Facebook makes it easy to create ads that can be displayed on Instagram, Instagram stories, Messenger, Facebook feeds, and other networks. Promote events, your page, sales, and more with this tool to easily reach a larger audience and earn more followers.
  5. Connect with Messenger: More and more consumers prefer to obtain information online or through a messaging platform rather than calling the business. Facebook allows you to communicate with customers through their messaging service called Messenger. Set up a Messenger bot to answer customers quickly or send them personalized messages to make them feel valued.

If you stick to these basics, you’ll have an optimized and more effective page in no time. It’s also important to note that you monitor your page often. Answer your visitors’ questions, interact with their comments, and talk to them! One of the largest benefits of social media is that it gives brands the opportunity to be human and personal with their customers. Take advantage of it and get to know your customers in order to serve them better.

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