Cancellation of the Lagoon Concert Series Has Hard Ripple Effect on Fans and Workers

Cancellation of the Lagoon Concert Series Has Hard Ripple Effect on Fans and Workers

For 23 years Mantooth has owned and hosted the Lagoon Concert Series held each summer at the Lagoon on the lawn of Colorado State University. After efforts in trying to find alternative venues, we were so sad to cancel this year’s series due to COVID-19. We had the slimmest of hope that we might be able to still present this community favorite concert series, but there weren’t viable options available without risking the health of the community.

We will miss seeing families, neighbors and friends come together to sing, cheer and enjoy the wide range of performers that grace the Lagoon stage every year. We know how much the community enjoyed the series because we’d see 2,500 fans each week jamming out and dancing to their favorite local band. We also know how much the sponsors enjoyed the series because without their financial contributions, there wouldn’t even be a concert series. Mantooth executes this event each summer as a gift to the community. All funds raised are immediately spent producing the 8-week series.

The cancellation of the Lagoon series will not only be missed by fans and community members, but also by the number of workers who put their heart and soul into producing each concert. We recognize that many in our community who make their living from events like this are experiencing financial hardship from the ongoing number of canceled events due to the pandemic. Northern Colorado is a very active community hosting events daily and even multiple events on the weekends. Mantooth’s event department, led by Callie Hoppe, normally executes over 40 events on an annual basis. Within a few weeks into the COVID-19 outbreak, Callie found her list dwindle to less than ten events for the rest of the year, and even the fate of those ten is still uncertain.

Please give thought to those in the entertainment industry: musicians, stage hands, sound departments, rental companies, travel, hotel, trash service, portolet service, insurance carriers, caterers, food trucks, security and parking services, maintenance crews and many more. A canceled event may be one less evening or day of enjoyment for the attendee, but a canceled event diminishes another person’s actual livelihood. Please consider using or supporting their services during this difficult time.

Thank you to the fans, sponsors and all the workers who have made the Lagoon Concert Series such a wonderful tradition.

We look forward to seeing you all in summer 2021!

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