Blogging Improves SEO

Blogging Improves SEO


There is no shortage of content found on the Internet. Nowadays, instead of turning to encyclopedias with questions, people just “Google it.” The Internet takes those questions and, seemingly pulling from thin air, generates relevant content – often found in the form of blogs – to answer those questions.

People love reading blogs to answer their questions. Accordingly, the Internet is inundated with them. However, ironically, 55 percent of readers only read blog posts for a grand total of 15 seconds or less. So, why take the time to thoroughly and consistently string together hundreds of words into a blog post, when it is likely destined to merely be skimmed?

Living in the digital age, we want to see instant results from our blog posts gaining traction in the form of thousands of likes, shares and comments. But, we must remember, patience is a virtue and results take time.

Just ask Mantooth’s Senior Account Manager, Jill, why it is pivotal for companies to blog (and blog often) and then patiently wait. Pulling from the archives of her career in marketing, she recalls…

“We had posted a blog post that at the time was relevant to the kickoff of the Greeley Stampede,” mentioned Jill. “Although the blog post did not gain a lot of traction throughout the year, we noted that for the following seven years, without fail, this particular blog post would come up on our list of ‘top blogs’ in late June and early July.”

This story is a prime example of the power found in a well-written blog. With the use of strategic keywords and carefully crafted titles, blogs make the search engine optimization (SEO) of sites richer and help to position them higher in organic search rankings. So, keep blogging! Once a blog post is set live, it can live on forever and the results will arrive all in good time.

Recently, we enjoyed reading the blogging infographic posted by Daily Infographic. Here are some of our favorite takeaways:

Benefits of writing a blog:

Increase SEO. Companies who blog receive 97 percent more links to their website

Increase Brand Awareness. 70 percent of consumers learn about a company through articles rather than ads.

More Visitors. The average company that blogs generates 55 percent more website visitors.

Blog writing tips:

Titles: The ideal blog post title is 60 characters.

Images: Blog posts with images get 94 percent more total views.

Introduction: The ideal length of the introduction is 150 characters.

Length: The ideal blog post length is 2,100 words and takes seven minutes to read.

Best Time to Post: The average blog posts gets the most traffic when posted on a Monday between 8-11 a.m.

In short, keep writing and keep posting content to your website – it will help generate traffic! If you need some tricks of the trade when it comes to writing, check out our Copywiritng Hacks to Boost Your Business’s Credibility blog post for some inspiration.

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