5 Ways Nonprofit Marketers Can Entice Emotional Giving

5 Ways Nonprofit Marketers Can Entice Emotional Giving

It’s simple. Everybody loves a good sale. The combination of acquiring a desired product plus saving money simply makes consumers feel good.

What’s a more complex sell? Getting a consumer to feel good about opening their pockets to support a cause rather than receive a discounted material good. This is the challenge that nonprofits face every day.

Fundraising is hard work. Even in a philanthropic state like Colorado that has more than 20,000 charitable nonprofits representing 6 percent of the state’s economy, it is still difficult to solicit donations. Meeting annual budgets to keep the social sector afloat cannot depend on last ditch discounted sale efforts to entice consumers to spend money.

So, what is the key factor to entice philanthropic buy-in? Getting your donors to feel something. Effective nonprofit marketing should clearly express the organizations’ missions in a tangible way that will incite strong emotions and a clear reason to give. Here are a few outlets through which this can be accomplished:

  1. Digital Storytelling: In an age where digital media is king, using videography and photography is a must. Storytelling using visual and audio elements combined are one of the quickest ways to connect your audience directly to your cause, providing an inside look with an emotional twist.
  2. Content Marketing: Writing digital copy for your website, blogs, emails and newsletters should accomplish more than simply improving online SEO. Compelling copy will ideally include storytelling and testimonials that provide a direct view into the organization’s work and keep readers craving more.
  3. Relationship Building: Building relationships takes time and requires year-round touch points to encourage continued giving. This can be done through providing marketing materials that remind the donor of the mutually beneficial outcomes that result from donating to a charitable cause.
  4. Provide First-hand Experiences: If possible, provide volunteer opportunities for potential donors to see your organization’s work in action. This will allow community members to gain a deeper understanding of your mission’s work and develop their own emotional draw to help support.
  5. State the Facts: For the analytically charged folks, nothing is more compelling than the cold hard facts. Providing statistics about the effectiveness of your service and how it benefits the community can help entice donations – especially during year-end giving.

Keeping these five nonprofit marketing outlets in mind, remember that a good sale is not the only thing that can entice consumers to spend money. The act of making your donors simply feel something – tears and smiles alike – will create motivation enough for people to open their pockets and give.

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